Point Douglas

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Point Douglas

This ward is located in northwest central Winnipeg. The ward boundaries will have some changes that will take effect for the 2018 civic election. The new ward has lost three neighbourhoods to the west to the Mynarski ward, and has obtained three additional neighbourhoods to the southwest from the St. James ward.

Under its previous boundaries the ward had a population of 45,311 residents, based on 2016 census data. The new ward has a population of 47,063 residents, based on 2016 census data.

Prior to the 2018 election boundaries, all neighbourhoods within the new boundaries of this ward except for Omand’s Creek Industrial, Brooklands, and Weston, were represented by Councillor Mike Pagtakhan, who was elected in 2002, 2006, 2010, and in 2014. The Mynarski, Robertson, and Dufferin neighbourhoods, to the west of Arlington, will now be part of the Mynarski ward.

Neighbourhoods within the new ward boundaries include:

  • Brooklands
  • Burrows Central
  • Burrows-Keewatin
  • Centennial
  • China Town
  • Civic Centre
  • Exchange District
  • Inkster Gardens
  • Inkster Industrial Park
  • Logan-C.P.R.
  • Oak Point Highway
  • Omand’s Creek Industrial
  • Pacific Industrial
  • Portage & Main
  • Shaughnessy Park
  • South Point Douglas
  • Tyndall Park
  • West Alexander
  • Weston
  • Weston Shops

New ward population and neighbourhoods retrieved from the 2017 Winnipeg Wards Boundaries Commission Final Report.

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