Baljeet Sharma

Baljeet Sharma

Phone: 204-995-7406
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Baljeet Sharma

Candidate in the St. Vital Councillor Candidates race.

Baljeet can be reached on social media, at [email protected], or by calling 204-995-7406.

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Questionnaire Response

Baljeet Sharma - St. Vital

Why did you decide to run in the 2018 (Winnipeg Civic Election / School Board Election)?

I decided to run for City Council , as I believe stagnation leads to lethargy and  is not good in any form and especially in politics.
Stagnation in politics is detrimental, it has the potential to kill the soul of democratic values in politics.
              Change is inevitable and good for voters. Voters need choice, present incumbents should not become    fait    accompli     of voters of this area. Now they have choice and of course better.
Voters deserve better this time. 
8 years is very long time for incumbent and yet asking for another four years ! 
            The irony is, elected representative to City Council have become a liability and a burden on the public exchequer.
           Instead of shouldering responsibility and accountability, they are busy in promoting their agenda to please the vested interests.
Portage and Main is one glaring example.  It is a betrayal.
               I would love to work for people of the area  by becoming their voice in the City Council.
    This city has given me so much and it is time to give them back by serving them.
My voters’ voice and concerns will be my first priority and that is why I am running for Councillor


What experience will you bring to complement your role as (Mayor / Councillor / School Trustee)?

Having worked with people on day to day basis, I have first hand experience the issue that Winnipeggers face on day to day basis.  Have been to city hall and legislative building during the deliberations and debate in progress.

I am aware and disappointed how important issues are ignored. How the Winnipeggers opinion and concerns are sidelined when it comes to making decisions that impact the Winnipeggers.

I have first-hand experience where my representative to whom I voted,  not only ignored my request but did not bother to acknowledge even.

I am not able to comprehend why after the elections, voters are forgotten altogether, our elected representatives either are busy in promoting themselves and catering to the needs of vested interests!

Perhaps LESS SAID THE BETTER is a phrase that covers it all about the state of affairs in our City Council.

Imagine, already been there for 8 long years and yet asking for four more years.   

12 years for the incumbent! Enough already, I guess nobody is indispensable, better choices are available!





What are some issues that you would like to stand for in your role as (Mayor / Councillor / School Trustee), and why are these issues important to you?

My number one priority will be to strongly oppose the Portage and Main issue.  Much time, energy and taxpayers dollars have already been wasted despite stiff opposition from Winnipegers.

Would like to provide a discount on Ambulance for seniors, who always think twice before calling Ambulance as they are scared of an amount that would greet them in the mail.

There is no denying that children safety is of paramount importance to all us.

Constructing Speed bumps on road in school zones to reduce the speed of vehicles.


          Radar camera is just money grab.


Reduce the traffic ticket fines.        Prefer Safe Driving class of a day.

Demerit, first-hand fines, high insurance premium – is too much.


Increase Amber light timing at traffic lights. In winter, motorists try their best to stop but cannot help given the slippery roads and get a ticket.

Tobacco company to share expense on patients of lung cancer. liquor Commission to share expense incurred on accidents due to drinking and driving, crime and domestic violence and burden on all taxpayers.

Would work for homeless people, their training, job and rehabilitation.

Would donate some percentage of my wages to homeless people.







What is something that you appreciate about the (City of Winnipeg / the ward / the school ward or school division) you wish to represent?

I live and work St. Vital Ward and I would be honoured if they chose me to be their voice in City Council.  St.Vital is a vibrant community and I love this neighbourhood and its people.


This is a great place to live in. This is the place Chose to live since the year 2000. This is a great neighbourhood so are people who live in this area.  I would love to work for them.



Do you have any other comments regarding your candidacy?

First of all, I would like to thank friends in this area who signed my nomination and put their trust in me. I hope rest of voters in this ward will muster support in choosing me as their representative in City Hall.

I assure, voters in my ward, I will be their strong voice in City Council and would love to raise the issues that matter to them and would meet their expectations.

I urge voters in this area to galvanize support to send me as their representative in  City Hall to raise their issues.I am open to suggestions if any, I love constructive criticism.

I would encourage and welcome voters in my ward to contact me if they have any advice or suggestion.  Everybody counts.  I  am devoting full time and energy so that I can hear what voters in this want and what are their concerns and issues.

This is the time when you can use your vote to change the status quo at City Council.

Believe me, nobody is indispensable,  better choices are available to you,  Say  YES  to CHANGE!

Thanks for reading my message and I mean it!











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