Louis Riel - 2

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Louis Riel - 2

Voters may select up to two school trustee candidates on the election ballot.

This ward is in the southeast part of Winnipeg, and includes the Kingston Crescent, Elm Park, Varennes, Victoria Crescent, Norberry, St. George, Alpine Place, Pulberry, Worthington, and Lavalee neighbourhoods. It also includes the northern portion of the Glenwood neighbourhood. Prior to the 2018 civic election, this ward was represented (in alphabetical order) by Robert Page and Chris Sigurdson.

A ward map is available here.

As of January 1st, 2017, the Louis Riel School Division had 10,086 early/middle-school students (Kindergarten to Grade 8) and 4,934 high school students (Grades 9 to 12).

Public schools within the Louis Riel School Division include:

  • Archwood School
  • Collège Béliveau
  • Collège Jeanne-Sauvé
  • Dakota Collegiate
  • Darwin School
  • Dr. D. W. Penner School
  • École George McDowell
  • École Guyot
  • École Henri-Bergeron
  • École Howden
  • École Julie-Riel
  • École Marie-Anne-Gaboury
  • École Provencher
  • École Sage Creek School
  • École Saint-Germain
  • École Van Belleghem
  • École Varennes
  • Frontenac School
  • General Vanier School
  • Glenlawn Collegiate
  • Glenwood School
  • H. S. Paul School
  • Hastings School
  • Highbury School
  • Island Lakes Community School
  • J. H. Bruns Collegiate
  • Lavallee School
  • Louis Riel S.D. Arts And Technology Ctr.
  • Marion School
  • Minnetonka School
  • Nelson McIntyre Collegiate
  • Niakwa Place School
  • Nordale School
  • Samuel Burland School
  • Shamrock School
  • St. George School
  • Victor H.L. Wyatt School
  • Victor Mager School
  • Windsor Park Collegiate
  • Windsor School

Data retrieved from the City of Winnipeg Open Data Portal.

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