Winnipeg - 7

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Winnipeg - 7

Arlene Reid has been elected through acclamation (no other trustee candidates on the election ballot).


This ward is in the northeast central part of Winnipeg, and includes the East Elmwood, Talbot-Grey, Glenelm, North Point Douglas, and St. John’s Park neighbourhoods. It also includes the Chalmers neighbourhood south of the lane between Larsen Avenue and Harbison Avenue W, and the Luxton neighbourhood south of the lane between Smithfield Avenue and McAdam Avenue. Prior to the 2018 civic election, this ward was represented by Arlene Reid.

A ward map is available here.

As of January 1st, 2017, the Winnipeg School Division had 22,140 early/middle-school students (Nursery to Grade 8) and 10,754 high school students (Grades 9 to 12).

Public schools within the Winnipeg School Division include:

  • Andrew Mynarski V.C. School
  • Argyle Alternative High School
  • Brock-Corydon School
  • Carpathia School
  • Cecil Rhodes School
  • Champlain School
  • Children of the Earth High School
  • Churchill High
  • Clifton School
  • Collège Churchill
  • Daniel McIntyre Collegiate Institute
  • David Livingstone School
  • Dufferin School
  • Earl Grey School
  • École La Vérendrye
  • École Lansdowne
  • École Sacré-Coeur
  • École Sec. Kelvin High School
  • École Sir William Osler
  • Elmwood High
  • Faraday School
  • Fort Rouge School
  • Garden Grove School
  • General Wolfe School
  • George V School
  • Gladstone School
  • Glenelm School
  • Gordon Bell High
  • Grant Park High
  • Greenway School
  • Grosvenor School
  • Harrow School
  • Hugh John Macdonald School
  • Inkster School
  • Interdivisional Student Services
  • Isaac Brock School
  • Isaac Newton School
  • J. B. Mitchell School
  • John M. King School
  • Kent Road School
  • King Edward Community School
  • Laura Secord School
  • Lord Nelson School
  • Lord Roberts Community School
  • Lord Selkirk School
  • Luxton School
  • Machray School
  • Meadows West School
  • Montcalm School
  • Montrose School
  • Mulvey School
  • Niji Mahkwa School
  • Norquay School
  • Pinkham School
  • Prairie Rose Elementary School
  • Principal Sparling School
  • Queenston School
  • R.B. Russell Vocational School
  • Ralph Brown School
  • River Elm School
  • River Heights School
  • Riverview School
  • Robert H. Smith School
  • Robertson School
  • Rockwood School
  • Sargent Park School
  • Shaughnessy Park School
  • Sisler High School
  • Sister MacNamara School
  • St. John's High
  • Stanley Knowles School
  • Strathcona School
  • Tech-Vocational High
  • Tyndall Park Community School
  • Victoria-Albert School
  • Wellington School
  • Weston School
  • William Whyte School
  • Winnipeg Adult Education Centre
  • Wolseley School

Data retrieved from the City of Winnipeg Open Data Portal.

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