Seven Oaks - 3

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Seven Oaks - 3

Teresa Jaworski, Edward Ploszay, Claudia Sarbit, and Richard Sawka have been elected through acclamation (four trustee candidates to be elected and four trustee candidates on the election ballot).


This ward is in the far north of Winnipeg, and includes the Garden City, Templeton-Sinclair, and Margaret Park neighbourhoods. It also includes the Jefferson and Seven Oaks neighbourhoods north of the lane between Smithfield Avenue and McAdam Avenue. Prior to the 2018 civic election, this ward was represented (in alphabetical order) by Teresa Jaworski, Edward Ploszay, Claudia Sarbit, and Richard Sawka.

A ward map is available here.

As of January 1st, 2017, the Seven Oaks School Division had 7,519 early/middle-school students (Kindergarten to Grade 8) and 3,992 high school students (Grades 9 to 12).

Public schools within the Seven Oaks School Division include:

  • Amber Trails Community School
  • Arthur E. Wright Community School
  • Collège Garden City Collegiate
  • Collicutt School
  • École Belmont
  • École Constable Edward Finney School
  • École James Nisbet Community School
  • École Leila North Community School
  • École Riviere Rouge
  • École Seven Oaks Middle School
  • Edmund Partridge Community School
  • Elwick Community School
  • Forest Park School
  • Governor Semple School
  • H. C. Avery Middle School
  • Maples Collegiate
  • Maples MET School
  • Margaret Park School
  • MET School
  • O. V. Jewitt Elementary
  • Riverbend Community School
  • Shkola R.F. Morrison School
  • Victory School
  • West Kildonan Collegiate
  • West St. Paul School

Data retrieved from the City of Winnipeg Open Data Portal.

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