Megan Wegert

Megan Wegert

Phone: 204-330-9169
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Megan Wegert

Candidate in the St. James - Assiniboia - Kirkfield - St. Charles Trustee Candidates race.

Megan can be reached on social media, at [email protected], or by calling 204-330-9169.

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Questionnaire Response

Megan Wegert - St. James - Assiniboia - Kirkfield - St. Charles

Why did you decide to run in the 2018 (Winnipeg Civic Election / School Board Election)?

I am a hardworking and dedicated advocate within my community. I truly believe in public service and making the world a better place for our children. I have worked for many years in community leadership positions, and I would love the challenge of working for everyone in this division as a school trustee.


What experience will you bring to complement your role as (Mayor / Councillor / School Trustee)?

I feel that strongly that my experience working as both a volunteer and employee within our community and schools will help me bring an advantageous perspective to the role of school trustee. I am a very hard worker, an excellent team player and problem solver. I never give up until I have a resolution to a problem that I’m happy with.

What are some issues that you would like to stand for in your role as (Mayor / Councillor / School Trustee), and why are these issues important to you?

The issues that are important to me are:

  • The years between birth and kindergarten are important for language development and emotional development in our children. I ‘d like to work towards doing a better job of collaborating with nursery schools and preschools in our division.
  • I truly feel that we need to revisit how we’re dealing with bullying in our schools.  It’s clear to me from stories I’ve heard that what we’re doing right now just isn’t solving the issue. I would love to see more initiatives like the Peaceful Village and Roots of Empathy start to thrive in our division.  We need to help our children develop strong moral voices as they grow into adults.
  • Through my years on Parent Council at my son’s school, I know that we need to work on communication within our division. We need to revisit how all stakeholders are resolving problems to avoid adversarial relationships.
  • We cannot operate as a healthy division without good fiscal responsibility.
  • I want to learn more about the new funding model for students with special needs. I’m hoping we can use this new Block Funding process to make it easier for schools to access necessary funding for students.

What is something that you appreciate about the (City of Winnipeg / the ward / the school ward or school division) you wish to represent?

I love the strong sense of community we have in this area. It’s amazing how many people I went to school with that are now living back in this area (myself included). There’s a real sense of ownership and continuity in this community. I love to hear the pride in people’s voices when they say “My children are going to the same school I went to.”. We have something special and unique going on here.

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