Micheal Wiens

Candidate in the Mynarski Councillor Candidates race.

Micheal can be reached on social media, at [email protected], or by calling 204-979-6453.

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Questionnaire Response

Micheal Wiens - Mynarski

Why did you decide to run in the 2018 (Winnipeg Civic Election / School Board Election)?

I choose to run for the council seat in Mynarski to better serve the ward.  I have lived in the ward my entire life and I have witnessed the gradual decline of our parks and infrastructure. I am not going to let the North End die, while I am still alive. The current representative for council has lost the confidence of the ward and fails to work in partnership with the rest of the city council. You need to work together with the  residents and the other councilors to achieve positive results for for our city and more importantly the Myarski ward.  I will use my 30 years of experience running my own group of companies to create lasting partnerships with residents and council members.  As a truly independent candidate, I have the freedom to represent ALL members of our ward with equality.  I am not a pawn of a political party or   organized group.  Growing up in our ward I have the memories of a time when there was a vibrant business culture in the ward, I feel I am best positioned to bring it back for this and future residents.

What experience will you bring to complement your role as (Mayor / Councillor / School Trustee)?

I have a level of experience that will serve the ward better that current and past councilors.  For 30 years I have run a company from it’s inception.  We are in the service industry and I am well aware that unless you are the best at what you do the free market will decide how long you will be around.  The skills I have acquired in 30 years will serve this ward well as the ability to listen to both staff and customers is a trait that has  been the tool which has caused us to grow every year.  Creating a positive consensus with other members of council is vital  when we need their support for our ward improvements.  Our current councilor has alienated the other council members to the point where they don’t want to work with him, and therefore he can’t implement improvements for our ward.

What are some issues that you would like to stand for in your role as (Mayor / Councillor / School Trustee), and why are these issues important to you?

I have talked to residents, neighbors, and business owners in the ward and the needs are actually quite common.

The neglect or our roads and public infrastructure need to come to an end.  Making excuses for issues like brown water and just hoping we will except it have to stop.  We have to invest in our public buildings and parks, many of the city owned properties have fallen into disrepair under the current council with no real timeline planned to effect refurbishment.  The current  council is wasting valuable time and money debating on weather to open a perfectly functioning intersection. I would prioritize core city services to receive the funds and attention they require.

The planning department is carving up our neighborhoods at a alarming rate despite community opinion.  The city is subdividing residential lots to “create density” to create new city lots that they can tax. When local residents appear at the city meeting to voice their opposition, they are told that this is the direction that the department is going to move forward with despite neighbourhood opposition.  This is not the way we build neighborhoods.  I will provide support to residents who want to keep their neighborhoods livable.

What is something that you appreciate about the (City of Winnipeg / the ward / the school ward or school division) you wish to represent?

I really enjoy the community of the North End. Beautifully tree lined streets, neighbors who help each other as well as look out for one another.  I appreciate the value of our ward as it pertains to livability.  Our proximity to local schools and shops is to be envied by other parts of the city.  We have a vibrant volunteer spirit and when called upon North end citizens respond   with enthusiasm.

This is why I choose to live here.

Do you have any other comments regarding your candidacy?

I feel it is time that our ward stops electing people who want this position as a career.  I have spent 30 years in the private sector creating jobs and delivering service.

The city council needs a wide arrange of people with different skills to manage the entity that is the city of Winnipeg. I have spent 30 years acquiring these skills and I hope to put them in use if elected.

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