Kevin Freedman

Candidate in the Winnipeg - 5 Trustee Candidates race.

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Questionnaire Response

Kevin Freedman - Winnipeg - 5

Why did you decide to run in the 2018 (Winnipeg Civic Election / School Board Election)?

Education has long been an integral part of who I am. Over the past fifteen years I have presented to more than 20,000 students on topics such as blood donation, volunteerism, and environmental issues as a volunteer. Previous to that I taught hundreds of kids and adults how to swim at a variety of pools and beaches in and around Winnipeg. And currently, as a member of the Faculty of Business and Administration at the University of Winnipeg I teach around 400 future business leaders about corporate governance, ethics, and corporate social responsibility each year. My passion for education has driven my career and much of my volunteer work.

But governance needs of the Division have pushed me to run for re-election. I have championed governance reforms that have brought the division closer in line with best practices and helped us to be more efficient and effective. But we still have a way to go to be a board that drives innovation, ensures value for the tax dollars spent, and one not beholden to special interests. My experience so far has shown that I am the best person to drive this essential work and am excited to continue.

What experience will you bring to complement your role as (Mayor / Councillor / School Trustee)?

I have substantial experience sitting on and leading boards, in the nonprofit, public, and private sectors. Over the years I have brought positive reform to numerous organizations as a director and consultant and am considered a young expert in the field of effective governance. Early on in my first term as a trustee I formed our first ever Governance Committee which has made dozens of recommendations since that have streamlined our work and ensured we are getting more essential work done. In the past two years we have reviewed and updated more board policies than in any previous ten-year period which has helped to improve consistency throughout the division and provide a safer, more conducive environment for our students and staff.

What are some issues that you would like to stand for in your role as (Mayor / Councillor / School Trustee), and why are these issues important to you?

My top priority is working to make our board a more effective, policy driven, oversight board. We have done poorly in the past on the essential work of a board such as evaluating our staff, providing strategic direction to the organization, and ensuring the success fo programming and our services overall. We have long been mired in the operations of the Division without providing effective oversight; to put it bluntly, we have not been doing our job properly. From early in my first term on I have worked to change this and I look forward to continuing that work. 

My priorities are to fight for more equitable investment in education across the Division and to continue our great work on reconciliation. In my first term I motioned to create Cree and Ojibway bilingual programs in the Division and supported efforts to expand French immersion and implement a Spanish immersion program. I also aim to drive the organization to better use evidence in evaluating programming, an area of weakness currently.

What is something that you appreciate about the (City of Winnipeg / the ward / the school ward or school division) you wish to represent?

Ward 5 is among the most diverse communities in the world. On my block alone, there are at least a dozen different languages spoken at home and our schools reflect this amazing diversity. My household is a microcosm of this, headed by an Indonesian immigrant and a native-born Canadian. The Ward encompasses half of Winnipeg’s downtown, institutions such as the University of Winnipeg, and the friendliest people in friendly Manitoba. I have lived here for more than fifteen years and appreciate its centrality and diversity more than anything. 

Do you have any other comments regarding your candidacy?

It’s been a pleasure to be the trustee for Ward 5 for the past 4 years. While it has not been an experiment devoid of frustration, I am confident in the many positive initiatives I have driven at the board. I’m looking forward to continuing this important governance work, work that won’t likely be done without me there.  

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